Internal Project

I’ve decided to start a home project to test a few different technologies. The aim is to pick a a relatively simple project and implement this in a few different ways.

The simple project is a website where someone can post a status.

The rough outline is a website where:

  • Authenticated Users can:
    • post a status
  • Anonymous & Authenticated users can:
    • View current Status
    • View past statuses and search through them
    • ‘Like’ a Status

I guess you could call this twitter without most of the useful features.

I’m aiming to try a number of different technologies, in decreasing level of comfort.

I’ll also be swapping pieces in and out with new implementations in different technologies.

The current plan

  1. Document the UI – I’ve found this tends to make the implementation clearer
  2. Implement in bootstrap, MVC4 with SQL Server backend
  3. Swap the SQL Server backend for a No SQL database
  4. Design JSON API to access app
  5. Implement JSON api using WebApi backend
  6. Replace MVC app with javascript client side framework (currently planning to try angular)
  7. Replace the WebApi backend with an F# implementation
  8. Replace the WebApi backend with node.js
I want to apply best practices throughout, which might mean learning new best practices as I start using new technologies.

I’ll post all parts of the implementation and any documentation on Github.

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