Visual Studio 2012 Express

I just downloaded Visual Studio 2012 Express for home use.

Similar to the 2010 version, you are basically downloading ‘evaluation software’ until you register. This is silly, but Microsoft have managed to take this to a new level.

The new version of VS.Net 2012 Express will not let you register until you enter:

  1. A business name
  2. A business phone number
  3. An address
  4. Technologies you are interested in

I’m using this for personal use, mostly to play with new .Net technologies. This is related to any company. Thanks for making it all a bit more painful than it needs to be.

I’m guessing this was an attempt to gather more information about who is using the express version.

As a result for Microsoft’s purposes I’m now a developer from Tajikistan, interested in classic ASP (a language I haven’t touched in well over 5 years).


After a fair¬†hiatus, I’ve decided to resurrect the blog.

I used to self host my blog on a combined mail/web server from. In the end I found it more work than it was worth, keeping the patches up to date was a headache, as was ensuring the machine stayed online.

I’ve finally got around to bringing this back online, hosted with blogger.

I’m looking at possibly importing past posts on the earlier blog.

Ongoing I’m aiming to post once every fortnight.